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Hear what our clients say about us

"As soon as we walked through the door, Todd put us at ease." - Mike Roman

"For me, Todd is everything you want in an attorney.  He is personable, he's respectful, and he's knowledgeable."  - Viola Roman

 "Most people have a family doctor, we have a family attorney."  - Karen Deen

 "For us, we always got the outcome we were hoping for. Todd has always really been there for us and I always felt that I could trust him and that he had my best interest at hand." - David Alevy

"You can come in anytime of the day, just to say hello. He will stop to say hello to you and makes you feel comfortable. - Marie Murphy

"He's to-the-point, he's honest, and he's trustworthy."  - John Murphy

"When Loretta had her auto accident, Todd was the first one we thought of." - John Draper

"He was always there if we had any questions." - Loretta Draper

"When I left Todd's office, or anytime we came here and left, I always had a warm feeling that everything was going to be O.K." - Jackie Hunter

"A likable down-to-earth human being."  - Ken Hunter

 "He lets you ask questions, and he answers you in a way that he is speaking directly to you, you know he is dealing with what your needs are, and that's important in something as serious as a legal matter."  - Gil Aguayo

"He makes sure you understand everything that is going on."  - Martha Aguayo

"If you need an ear as well as a voice, reach out to Todd Henry. He is a person who will connect with you pretty quickly." - Bernie Berania

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Law You Can Understand

Law You Can Understand

Law You Can Understand

We know that legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you help in language that you can understand. If you don't feel like you understand your options, just ask, and we will work to find an explanation that works for you.


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Law You Can Understand

Law You Can Understand

The first step is for us to work with you and come up with a plan to get the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will craft a path to success. Lawyer in Jacksonville Lawyer in Orange Park Attorney in Orange Park


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Law You Can Understand

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